These exceptional blanks are hand-made from Wyoming prairie rattlesnakes and, as you can see, make a beautiful as well as an extremely unusual pen. The blanks are cast in clear resin and require a 'light' touch when turning. Keep in mind that these blanks are individually hand made and tiny air bubbles may be present on the skin's surface. These bubbles are not considered a defect and can be filled with clear CA glue when exposed and finished successfully. Pricing is shown below. We highly recommend that those who purchase these kits have some experience in pen turning and/or spindle turning. These blanks are not recommended for beginners! Replacement blanks for the snake skin blanks are not available. If you 'blow up' a blank we do not automatically replace it for you. These blanks are kit specific. The blanks come supplied with the brass tubes already installed for the type of pen as indicated below. All you have to do is trim the blanks using a pen mill or belt sander, turn, finish and assemble using your own pen kit. It is recommended that you finish these blanks just as you would any type of acrylic, acetate, celluloid or plastic. Carbide tools are NOT recommended in turning these acrylic pen blanks!
The Sierra Vista blank will NOT fit the button click Sierra pens - the pen tube is 1/4" shorter than the button click pen tube!

Snakeskin Pen Blanks