What are Mixables?

If you see a product listing says "Mixable:" followed by a letter, it means that you can combine pen kits with the same Mixable letter, and get a better price with “volume discount” buying power! For instance: You want to buy a quantity of 3 #BHW171 pen kits, 5 #BHW425 pen kits and 3 #BHW438 pen kits. They are all in the “Mixable B” group. You will get the pricing that shows in the 11-20 quantity column in the price chart of each kit because you have a total of 11 kits. Kits from different mixable categories cannot be combined, and there are some kits that are not mixable at all.

For your convenience, the mixable categories are shown below so that you can get your price break by shopping within the category.

Mixable Categories

Antique Brass Style Peppermill Mechanism
    Code: PSI204
    Price: $10.50
    Low Stock
    Quantity in Basket: none
    Antique Copper Style Peppermill Mechanism
      Code: PSI203
      Price: $10.50
      Sold Out- Coming in Soon!
      Quantity in Basket: none