Pearl Ex Reflex Violet

    Pearl Ex Reflex Violet

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    • Pearl Ex - Reflex Violet  (.75) Ounce Bottle

      Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments may be used any time a metallic or pearlescent effect is desired. Simply add to your acrylic mixture and enjoy the results!


      Pearl Ex is a safe, inert pigment that exhibits extreme colorfastness and stability. The different particle sizes produce different effects, from a smooth pearly luster, to a highly metallic sheen. Pearl Ex creates a metallic effect without being a real metal—it will never tarnish or fade!


      NOTE: Pearl Ex is sold by weight, not volume! It is best utilized with the Alumilite Clear Resins.  Pearl Ex is not effective when used with Alumilite White Resin because Alumilite White Resin is opaque and therefore will not reflect the Pearl Ex pigments.