Turning Between Centers Mandrel System MT#1

    Turning Between Centers Mandrel System MT#1

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    • Turning Between Centers Mandrel System! 

      Want to Turn Between Centers but did not want to buy many different, and expensive, TBC bushing sets for every pen style?
      Now you can!  This system will work with ANY of your current existing bushings that will fit on a 7mm mandrel!
      We have the solution for exact, precise, concentric pen barrels! The system includes:
          • Morse Taper headstock insert
          • Live Morse Taper tailstock insert


      Each headstock and tailstock insert has a 7mm shaft very similar to your current 7mm mandrel. All you have to do is mount ANY of your current bushings onto the 7mm shafts, mount your pen blank in between the bushings bring the tailstock up to secure the blank between centers. No mandrel shaft to bend so your tuned blank will have eliminated the "out of round" pen blank that we all have experienced!

      This system is ideal for both single barrel and two barrel pen styles.