Aussie Oil (2 Ounce) - Hi Gloss Rubbing Oil

    Aussie Oil (2 Ounce) - Hi Gloss Rubbing Oil

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    • Finally a friction finish that lasts! You must use this product to belive it!

      Obtain a fantastic HIGH GLOSS shine in seconds with this friction oil!
      Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

      1. Sand to 12,000 (BG073)
      2. Use the Abralon Pads (BG115)
      3. Apply a very small amount on a paper towel and with the lathe running fast, apply it to the pen blank moving back and forth briskly while applying pressure until the paper towel is hot and it is just sliding back and forth!  If you want to apply a second coat, wait 20 seconds and apply another coat in the same manner as the first.
    • Just tried this on 3 different wooden blanks and I must say it has performed excellent. Anonymous
      I used Aussie Oil for the first time to finish a Gisi style pen blank. Daniel
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