Lamboard - Clear (stabilized) Shorts

    Lamboard - Clear (stabilized) Shorts

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    Blank Size: 3/4" x 2 1/2" (Minimum)
    • These are short pieces that are perfect for single barrel pens.

      Lamboard (laminated wood pieces) is used for beams in new housing construction. The boards are made from scraps of lumber that is pressed together under heat to form these very tough and durable beams.

      We have stabilized and dyed them to make them easier to turn. HOWEVER - since these are boards that are made from scraps, they might have voids in them. If your piece has a void, fill it with a contrasting material such as the stone fillers! (see accessories)

      These are best finished with a CA glue finish.

      Please Note: These blanks are made from glued up pieces of wood so they will have voids in the blank. Fill the voids with either the shavings from your turning or put in stone fillers. (see accessories)