Sea Shell Pen Blank - Aqua Sea

    Sea Shell Pen Blank - Aqua Sea

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    Difficulty Level: 5 out of 5
    Blank Size: 7/8" x 1" x 5 3/16"
    • Sea Shell Pen Blank - Aqua Sea

      Mother Nature was at her best when she created these wonderful sea shells. To create these unique pen blanks, we are re-cycling four different sea shells. Natural Cornball, Pearl Turbo's, White Tusk Shells and Cerithium Sulcata - (sea snails) are mixed together and then combined with Alumilite and Pearl Ex to form these one of a kind natural beauties!  These pen blanks WILL have natural voids in them due to the air pockets inside the shells.  We recommend that you fill these voids with CA glue.  The recommended finish is a CA glue finish.

      PLEASE NOTE: This pen blank is NOT  for beginners and you  MUST use a carbide tipped tool of some sort to turn these.  The sea shells will dull high speed tools VERY quickly! It is recommended to use a two part epoxy to glue the pen tube into the blank. 

      One More Thought: With alumilite clear resin, it is recommended that you either paint the pen tube or the inside of the blank after it is drilled so you do not see the brass tube!

      The second image is made with a Red Sea Shell blank and a Venetian Antique Brass Rollerball Pen Kit.