Light Pink Abalone - Archer / Professor Pen Kits

    Light Pink Abalone - Archer / Professor Pen Kits

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    • Light Pink Abalone

      These One-Of-A-Kind Exquisite pen blanks are hand made using Light Pink Abalone Shell slices.  Each Light Pink Abalone blank will vary from blank to blank and that is exactly how Mother Nature intended it to be! The slices of shell are cut with a laser and each slice is glued onto a pen tube and then coated with a polyester resin for absolute beauty and clarity!

      This blank is made for the Archer / Professor pen kits.  Quantities of these blanks are limited and will be replaced as they are sold - no two pen blanks will ever be the same! 

      Please Note: The blank is made from polyester resin and therefore should not be turned with a Carbide Tool.  High speed tools are recommended for any polyester resin!