Liberty Twist

    Liberty Twist

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    Bushings: MP03B
    Drill Sizes Used: 27/64"
    Refill Type: Schmidt 900
    • Designed by Constant Laubscher, the Liberty is a single tube kit similar in size to many Sierra clones. It is a top twist pen that uses a Parker style refill. Embedded casters will enjoy the fact that this pen has a slightly thicker body than similar pens of this size.

      The pen components are machined from solid stainless steel here in the US. We include a premium Schmidt 900M Black Ink Cartridge with every kit.

      Standard Stainless Finish is bright but not mirror polished. We use a machine polishing method to get a bright finish. There may be a few light machining lines that you'd expect to see in stainless steel. If a mirror finish is required you can use standard buffing methods used on pens to buff these to a mirror finish.