Maneater Dinobone 4 Casting System Mold

    Maneater Dinobone 4 Casting System Mold

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    • NEW - Solid Block HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Combination Mold 

      This unique solid mold is designed NOT to warp or crack and was milled with precision by a CNC machine.   They are designed to do away with leaking joints and screws that strip out and leak as with other HDPE molds.  They will take the abuse of daily casting and will not warp or crack like traditional silicone molds.  Pour large single blanks or use the silicone plugs to make smaller individual blanks!

      This model has overall dimensions of 6.50" x 4.50" x 1.50" with four casting chambers, each measuring 5.25" x .84375" x 1.0".  The blanks can easily be end trimmed and squared up on a table saw, if so desired.  Mold comes with four sets of silicone inserts. One set has small stoppers for 7mm - 3/8” tubes, the other set has stoppers for 3/8” - 12.5mm tubes.

      Important Notes:

      A release agent must be used due to the rigidity of the molds.  Ease Release 200 from Mann is highly recommended.  Just spray the release agent into and on top of the chambers ensuring complete coverage and allow to dry before pouring your resin.

      Apply a release agent to the rubber plugs to keep them free of any resin buildup caused by potential spillage.

      A rubberized dead blow hammer will help the demold process greatly.  Lightly tap the bottom and sides of the mold once your blanks have fully cured, then turn the mold over and lightly tap the mold ends against your work bench top to see your blanks release.  Based on personal experience, Alumilite and polyester resin blanks will release with little effort at all.  Epoxy blanks may require a few extra taps against your bench top before releasing.