45 Caliber Bullet Pen - Antique Copper

    45 Caliber Bullet Pen - Antique Copper

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    Mandrel: A Mandrel
    Bushings: BHW26A
    Drill Sizes Used: Colt 10mm (BG038) or Norseman (NM10DB)
    Refill Type: Parker Style
    Tube Sizes: BHWT558
    • The NEW 45 Caliber Bullet Pen! This pen is shaped like a 45 caliber bullet and it sounds like you are chambering a round when you click the pen!! This is a first of it's kind!
      The pen clip simulates a 45-auto slide while the upper barrel replicates a 45 caliber grip.
      The clip on this pen is fantastic! The pen is a cap click pen which authentically replicates the 45 caliber slide action. PAT.PEND.

      45 Caliber Pen Shown with River Buffalo Horn

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    • Horrible pen kit. George
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