CBN - Cubic Boron Nitride - 220 Grit Grinding Wheel

    CBN - Cubic Boron Nitride - 220 Grit Grinding Wheel

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    • List Price $220 – Our internet & show price is the low price of $145.95

      CBN (cubic boron nitride) Grinding / Sharpening Wheels are the State-of-the-Art for sharpening high-speed steel tools. These wheels are manufactured from a solid piece of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum that are then electroplated and nickel coated creating a more aggressive bond to secure the abrasive to the wheel. We believe in our wheels so much, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY with each wheel!

      CBN wheels will make aluminum oxide (AO) grinding wheels obsolete! CBN wheels stay cooler, cut faster and do not require dressing or shaping like normal aluminum oxide wheels. In industrial grinding applications where heat is generated, CBN is preferred over diamond wheels.  These are the last sharpening wheels you will ever own!

      Wheel Features: 220 Grit - great for finishing!

      • 8” Diameter with a 5/8” arbor hole
      • Cuts faster and cooler than AO wheels, requiring very little pressure
      • Generous 1 1/2” wide wheel surface
      • Wheel stays flat – does not change shape
      • Wheels are balanced – do not require “truing” or re-shaping
      • Designed for bench grinders with speeds of 1800 to 3600 rpm.
      • Works well with all sharpening systems



      DO NOT grind carbon steel tools, tools that were not heat treated or aluminum tools.  This will cause irreparable damage to the CBN wheel – so don’t attempt it!

      Please be advised that due to the width of these wheels in most cases the guards on your grinder may have to be removed. As long as the wheels are properly used as intended this should not cause a problem as they are machined from one solid piece of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum.