3/8" Bolt Action Snakeskin Pen Blank

    3/8" Bolt Action Snakeskin Pen Blank

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    Blank Size: Overall tube length is 2"
    Refill Type: Parker

    • This Snake Skin blank will fit a 3/8" for the Bolt Action pen kit and other pen kits that use a 3/8" pen tube. You will have to trim the blank to the size you need for your particular pen kit. Overall tube length is 2" so it will have to be trimmed to fit a bolt action pen kit! Pen kit shown is the Salute to the Troops (PSI 279).

      The pen tube is powder coated before the skin is wrapped around the tube thus eliminating separation from the tube to the skin. This exceptional blank is hand-made from prairie rattlesnake and, makes a beautiful as well as an extremely unusual pen. The blank is cast in clear resin and requires a 'light' touch with sharp tools when turning. If you use carbide tipped tools (which are not recommended) you have to be very careful and take extremely light bites, carbide is very unforgiving when it comes to polyester resins! Finish this blank as you would any other acrylic material. (see accessories)

      When turning snakeskin pen blanks it is recommended that you leave the blanks slightly proud of the bushings to avoid breaking through to the skin! Also, using carbide tipped tools to turn this blank is NOT recommended, you might shatter the blank!
    • Just finished a AB bolt action using this blank, turned out fantastic. Robert
      Nice blank, needs trimming, turned great finished great, wet sanded through 12k micro mesh and a little ren wax- beautiful. Wayne
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