Colt 5 Piece Drill Bit Set

    Colt 5 Piece Drill Bit Set

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    • Set Includes: 7mm, Letter "O", 10mm, 3/8" and 27/64" Colt Drill Bits. The bits are made with High Speed M2 Steel that has a Parabolic Flute Design which will offer: reduced chip burn, cut faster and have the cleanest exit holes. Colt Bits will last 6 times longer than "regular" steel drill bits, which will stay sharper longer and offer improved operator control.

      Length of each drill bit:
      7mm - 4 1/4"
      "O" - 4 1/2"
      3/8" - 5"
      10mm - 5"
      27/64" 5 1/4"

      To see the Colt drill bit compared to a jobber bit, see the video below:
    • Can't recommend these enough. Christopher
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