Cholla Cactus #3  (Cylindropuntia fulgida)

    Cholla Cactus #3 (Cylindropuntia fulgida)

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    • These Cholla Cactus pen blanks are 6” in length, come in three different sizes, yellow, blue and black. The cactus blanks already have a hole “pre-drilled” in each one (by Mother Nature herself!). We will match up the natural hole size with the pen you’d like to make. The yellow blanks (BG089) are for 10mm, 25/64", 27/64", and 3/8" pens. The blue blanks (BG090) are for 10.5mm, 15/32” and 12.5mm pens. The black (BG091) are for all the larger oversized pen styles.
      Cactus blanks sold individually!

      This variety of cactus is NOT on the endangered species list. The scientific name of this particular cholla cactus is Cylindropuntia fulgida which is not on the endangered list!