DVD - Pen Turning Volume 2 with Barry Gross

    DVD - Pen Turning Volume 2 with Barry Gross

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      Learn to make a pen from THE Pen Teacher - Barry Gross.

      In this DVD you will see how Barry's shop is arranged and what tools he uses.  He demonstrates sharpening his tools and then how to use them by turning a Trimline pen and then applying a friction finish.  Next, he will make a "cigar style" pen and apply his easy method for a  CA glue finish to achieve the dramatic results you see.

      Ever wonder how to stabilize your own wood and save money on stabilized pen blanks? Barry takes the mystery out of stabilizing your own wood by demonstrating an easy step by step method for stabilizing punky wood.

      Marketing tips and of course those tongue tied outtakes that brings a smile to your face!

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