Engraved Bullet Pen Kit - POW-MIA - New Reduced Price!!

    Engraved Bullet Pen Kit - POW-MIA - New Reduced Price!!

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    Mandrel: A
    Bushings: AZ205
    Difficulty Level: EASY
    Drill Sizes Used: Colt 7mm (BG036)
    Blank Size: 3/4" X 3/4" X 5"
    Refill Type: Cross Style
    Tube Sizes: 7mm Pen Tube
    • We make the bottom half – you make the top of the pen with the material of your choosing!

      A .308 Winchester Cartridge is polished and engraved with the POW - MIA Logo.  The engraved cartridge is then assembled with the twist mechanism to make up the lower half of a pen kit.  The top of the pen kit is made with a standard 7mm pen tube and the material of your choice.

      Note: Top of pen made with  Patriotic Acrylic Kirinite Pen Blank.

      Bushings Required: one (1) bolt action bushing .465" for the center (turned around backwards from where you would normally mount it - see kit instructions) and one (1) designer or euro cap bushing (.406") for the top of the pen.