Lever Action Bullet Ballpoint Pen Kits are here!!

Lever action Bullet Click Pen

Lever action Bullet Click Pen. Click photo above to see it in action!

The Lever Action Bullet Ballpoint Pen Kits have arrived!  

Our loyal blog followers will be the first to get these great pen kits at the special, limited time, introductory price of $12.80!(special price offer has expired) The pen is adorned with antique brass that is etched with a deer on one side, and the entry hole for the shell on the other side. There is real rifle lever action that makes this fun to use. This should prove to be a very popular addition to your portfolio of pens for selling, gift giving or just using for yourself.


Watch out bolt action, the LEVER has arrived!


I just made two of the lever action pens. They are fun, and easy to make. It is a single barrel pen, and the click sound is really good!


33 thoughts on “Lever Action Bullet Ballpoint Pen Kits are here!!

  1. Are your lever action pins available in kit form with drill and bushings..where from? How do I order please.
    From Australia

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