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Motorcycle Pen Kits – Back In Stock!

Flames Inlay on Motorcycle Pen Kit

Flames Inlay on Motorcycle Pen Kit

Motorcycle Pen Kits are back in stock. The Bushings for the Motorcycle pen kits are also back in stock. We  just received a limited number of the Flames Inlay for the Motorcycle Pen Kits as seen on the left. These Flame Inlay kits will  sellout quickly, so act now!

Also for the summer camping season we just received back in stock our stainless steel Pocket Knife kit.

Happy Turning – Barry

New Products Have Arrived for Father’s Day!

We just received several new products just in time to make for Father’s Day!

Pink Paua Abalone Shell Pen Blanks
Pink Paua Abalone Shell
Pen Blanks
Abalone Shell pen blanks are exquisite! They can be
made for either single or two barrel pen kits. Several
colors available, and all of them are stunning. The 2-piece
blanks are made for the Venetian, Arcadia, Harmony and
Gentleman Junior II pen kits.
The single piece blanks are made for the Sierra, Gatsby
twist pen kits or pen kits that use a 27/64″ pen tube
Quantities of these blanks are very limited and will be
replaced as they are sold – no two pen blanks will ever be
the same!
Click Here to see all the Abalone blanks
$100 Bill replica Pen Blank
$100 Bill replica Pen Blank
$100 dollar bill pen blanks are fun, and always
poplar. Kind of makes you feel like a big roller.
These pen blanks are specially made for Arizona Silhouette
and is a replica of the new $100 bills. These blanks will
fit any twist Sierra or Gatsby style pen kit. The tube
inside the blank is 27/64″.
Click Here to see the $100 pen blanks
Snakeskin Pen Blank for the Lever Action Pen Kit
Snakeskin Pen Blank on
Lever Action Pen Kit
And speaking of Popular, we now have Snakeskin blanks for the
Lever Action pen kits! Lever Action Pens are
always a hot seller, and Snakeskin blanks are always in
demand. This combination is a surefire winner.
Click Here to see the Snakeskin Lever Action blanks
Rogue Cigar Holder
Rogue Cigar Holder
Dad will love to get a Cigar Holder or a big pen he can hold,
such as any of the Cigar pen kits
Or click here to check out the NEW Spartan click pen kits.Spartan Pen in 24 kt Gold Finish
Spartan Pen in 24 kt Gold Finish

Spring Fever! New Blanks Arrived!!

Polymer Clay Blank

Polymer Clay Blank

This will be the first weekend, after 11 straight weekends of teaching at The Wood Working Shows, that I have to myself.  SO what am I going to do?  Get into my shop, of course! (Sorry, my “studio“) I’m going to make something for my family for Easter.  My daughter loves mermaids and we just received a new load of polymer clay blanks so I will be making her one for Easter!

We received a shipment of Pheasant Feather pen blanks, but due to the popularity of these blanks, we can not list them on the website – they sell out too fast! My grandson, the hunter, saw the new Pheasant Feather blanks and he wanted me to make him a lever action pen with Amherst feathers – I am such an easy touch (especially when it comes to the grandkids).  My wife saw the blanks and wanted a Venetian pen, so once again I went back into the “studio” to make her a pen!

These feather blanks are not on the website so if you are interested in any of them please call us at 1-888-717-4202 and we will be glad to assist you.

Amherst Feathers

Amherst Feathers for my grandson.




Venetian-Amherst – for my wife.

Have a nice Holiday, I will be taking my time and making some more pens!

Happy Turning,




Fountain Pen or Rollerball? Now You Can Have BOTH!

Introducing the Arcadia & the Venetian Convertible Pen Kits

Both of these beautiful new pens are designed with an interchangeable front section to easily and quickly convert from a rollerball to a fountain pen. This offers greater flexibility for both you, and your customer. The fountain pen section offers the first of it’s kind in a pen this size, a large 6mm German JoWo nib for a better writing experience.



This new, elegant and luxurious kit features high quality black titanium with rhodium accents which will provide a long lasting durable finish. The center band incorporates a grapevine pattern in high quality rhodium. Adding a touch of class to the Arcadia is a single rhodium grape leaf that embellishes both end and top caps. The Arcadia is a postable pen with very unique threads that will NOT unscrew in your pocket!
Available in 2 finishes:  Rhodium & 22kt Gold  or  Black Titanium & Rhodium
Kits & optional tips available as Fountain Pen or Rollerball. The rollerball pen kit incorporates a metal Schmidt 5888 ceramic tip refill.


venetian-600pxExperience this newest luxury rollerball pen, at a modest price, The Venetian! The sleek lines and antique style of finish for the Venetian will make it a favorite for both pen makers and pen aficionados! The Venetian is a postable pen with unique threads that will NOT unscrew in your pocket!

Available in 2 finishes:  Antique Brass  or  Antique Nickel
Kits & optional tips available as Fountain Pen or Rollerball.


New Products – Super Nova Lathe Lamp & CBN Grinding Wheels

Super Nova Lathe Lamp
This light has to be seen to be believed!

Special Introductory Price $134.95 – Save Over 15%
Manufacturers List Price $159.95
Super Nova Lathe lamp

Super Nova Lathe lamp

Three hard wired 9 watt bulbs generate over 870 lumens of pure white light, offering over 50,000 hours of working time! That is over 17 years of running the light 8 hours a day / seven days a week! Obtain consistent cuts and superior sanding results with better vision with this ultra-bright light!

The electro-magnetic base has over 200 pounds of breakaway force to hold to any magnetic surface! Will not vibrate loose! A 30” stainless steel flexible neck allows for numerous positions to obtain the optimal light configuration for any use!

Great for turning, carving, scroll saw work, band sawing and any other crafting or application where a good light source is need without being in the way!


CBN – Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding Wheels
Lifetime Warranty!

Our introductory low price of $145.95 – Save 34%
List Price $220

CBN - Cubic Boron Nitride - Grinding Wheel

CBN – Cubic Boron Nitride – Grinding Wheel

CBN (cubic boron nitride) Grinding / Sharpening Wheels are the State-of-the-Art for sharpening high-speed steel tools. These wheels are manufactured from a solid piece of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum that are then electroplated and nickel coated creating a more aggressive bond to secure the abrasive to the wheel.
We believe in our wheels so much, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY with each wheel!
CBN wheels will make aluminum oxide (AO) grinding wheels obsolete! CBN wheels stay cooler, cut faster and do not require dressing or shaping like normal aluminum oxide wheels. In industrial grinding applications where heat is generated, CBN is preferred over diamond wheels.
These are the last sharpening wheels you will ever need!
Available in 2 versions – Click either link below for more info:
80 Grit – great for shaping your tools
180 Grit – great for finishing!

New Antique Nickel Lever Action Pen Kits now 10% off!

Antique Nickel Lever Action Pen

Antique Nickel Lever Action Pen

Earlier this week we started taking pre-orders for the new Antique Nickel Lever Action Pen Kits. It just happened to be right before our store-wide 10% off Anniversary sale. Since they were a brand new product, I decided that they *probably* should stay at their regular price, so I excluded them from the sale.

Boy, was I wrong, and Lenora let me know about it!
She said that of course they should be on sale with the other products! So just to be fair, all the people who pre-ordered the pens also got the 10% discount.

Hopefully, this will now get me out of the doghouse.

So, now it’s an even better time to get the new Nickel finish version of the hottest selling pen style. The Antique Brass version has already proven to be an incredibly popular seller at pen shows & fine craft shows. The Nickel finish will give your customers a hard decision about which one to choose.

The 3rd Anniversary Sale will end on Sept. 8, 2015 so it’s a good excuse to stock up for the show season, and the upcoming holidays – they’re closer than you think! (If you don’t believe me, just look at all the Halloween stuff in the stores)

You will want to get these NOW, because our next shipment is not coming in until November, and it may be too late by

Happy Turning,




NEW-Antique Nickel Lever Action Kits are Here – Almost!

Antique Nickel Lever Action Pen

Antique Nickel Lever Action Pen

The most poplar, and fastest selling pen kit to come along in years, has a new cousin – Antique Nickel!

Hundreds of Antique Nickel Lever Action Pen kits are making their way to our warehouse due to arrive next Wednesday 9/2/15 . We will start shipping them to you as soon as they arrive!  This is the ONLY shipment we will receive of these fast selling kits until November, so order now to ensure you receive your kits!

This nickel finish gives an authentic look of an antique rifle with engraving on it.

Show season will be starting shortly and these are a very hot seller so don’t be left behind – order now!  If you are gearing up for the holiday season craft fairs, you will want to get these NOW, because it may be too late by

Pizza Cutter Kits are in, and 10% off

pizzaPizza Cutter – 10% Off for a limited time

This heavy-duty pizza cutter is designed with a well-balanced, heavy duty, chrome-plated frame and a super sharp 4″ stainless steel blade that will tackle the toughest pepperoni with ease!

This is an easy to do project. Just drill one end, screw in the bottle stopper mandrel and turn to your desired shape and finish, then remove the bottle stopper mandrel and thread in the insert into the end of the handle and add the cutter!

The large 4” stainless steel cutter head can easily be removed for cleaning.

These household kits are a wonderful addition to your line of pens. Great for gifts! Stock up now on kits at the discounted price so you are ready for the Holiday Season!

10% Off only until 8/7/15 – Stock Up Now!
Click here to go to the store


New Universal Barrel Trimming Sleeve Set Has Arrived! Special Introductory Offers!

Universal Set of Barrel Trimming Sleeves

Universal Set of Barrel Trimming Sleeves

It has been a long time in the making, but it is finally here!

Read to the bottom for our Limited Time, Introductory Offer.

A universal set of barrel trimming sleeves that will work with either a standard 7mm barrel trimmer, or a squaring jig.  This set of nine (9) individual sleeves will work on 99.9% of all pen kits currently on the market.

Using these sleeves will make it easier to square up your pen blanks rather than trying to make your own sleeves for all the different pen kits on the market today.

Every time I did a demo at shows, people would come up to me and ask why no one made a complete set of trimming sleeves. After hearing this all the time, I thought “Why don’t I make them?”. Since this was a pretty big project to tackle, I partnered with my friends at Penn State Industries to develop the set, manufacture it, and bring it to market.

The Universal Barrel Trimming Sleeve set is also available in 2 combination sets:

Universal Barrel Trimming Sleeves and 7MM Trimmer Combo Set BG223
Barrel Trimming Sleeve Set
& 7mm Trimmer Combination Set
Barrel Trimming Sleeve Set &
Squaring Jig Combination Set

Introductory Pricing, For This Weekend ONLY!

Offer Expires 7/27/2015 at 9 AM EDT

Regular Price Special
Introductory Price
Universal Barrel Trimming Sleeve Set  $48.95 $43.95
Save $5
Barrel Trimming Sleeve Set
& 7mm Trimmer Combination Set
  $63.95 $53.95
Save $10
Barrel Trimming Sleeve Set &
Squaring Jig Combination Set
$63.95  $53.95
Save $10

Mini Stylus Solution!

Mini Balloon Stylus

Mini Balloon Stylus

What do you do with all the cut off scraps of acrylics and woods from making pens and other items?

One great solution came from Ed Hochard at the AAW he makes little balloon mini styluses (styli).  My wife, Lenora thought these were a great idea, and she asked me to make a few.  I took them to the show this past weekend, and they sold right away.  So if you are looking for a quick & easy, fun project, this is certainly one of them. Best of all, you get to use up all those scrap pieces!