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Lever Action Bullet Ballpoint Click Pen - Antique Nickel

    Lever Action Bullet Ballpoint Click Pen - Antique Nickel

    Item #: BHW531
    Price: $15.95
    In Stock

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    Quantity Price
    10-29 $14.95
    30+ $13.95
    Mandrel: A
    Bushings: BHW57A
    Drill Sizes Used: Colt 10mm (BG038) or Norseman (NM10DB)
    Blank Size: 3/4" x 2"
    Refill Type: Parker Style
    Tube Sizes: BHWT561

    • The World's Only Lever Action Bullet Click Pen! Cock the Lever to both advance and retract the refill.
      Antique Nickel adorns the pen that is artfully etched with designs on both sides of the pen.
      The sides of the pen are adorned with an antique nickel etched deer on one side and the entry slide for the bullet casing on the other!

      Please Note: The 10mm tube used for this kit is thicker than a regular 10mm tube. The outside diameter is 10mm but the inside diameter is smaller than a 10mm tube. When squaring the ends of the pen tube, use a 3/8" trim sleeve to fit inside the tube!